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a fundraiser to help those in need

Running for A Cause

The Great  Virtual Race Across Tennessee 1000k

Sally Cravens will be running The Great Virtual Race Across  Tennessee (and back) 1270k from May 1st to August 31st to fundraise for local non-profits in need. Follow her on Instagram @Islander825 to track her progress.


Click the donate button to help support her run for a cause.

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1000 miles down!
Update 7/18/20

Past Runs


January 2020

Running for the Homeless Youth of North County


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Thank you to everyone who donated!
With your help we raised $1000 and donated it
to the YMCA TAY Services Program
Forrester Cravens and his mother, Sally, spent many holiday seasons giving back to the homeless of the community. Since she will be running in the Honolulu Marathon on December 8th, she would like to dedicate her run to a cause that meant dearly to her and Forrester. In honor of their tradition, and to continue our goal of fostering strong connections with influential organizations of our community, the foundation board chose to support the homeless youth of north county by gifting 100% of donations raised to the needs of the YMCA TAY Services Program.
The YMCA provides support to the transition age youth (TAY) who face barriers to success in adulthood, including homelessness, abuse, and more, by helping them lead healthy, successful lives. Entering adulthood is a critical developmental period that can be further complicated when a young person lacks a supportive network and faces a multitude of barriers. Their programs offer innovative, effective programming in a safe and welcoming space.
This YMCA Outreach Program entails on foot outreach services in prominent homeless communities in Oceanside. Outreach workers provide homeless youth with immediate resources and referrals to get off the streets. Through diversion services, homeless youth are able to access safe housing options and/or familial reunification.
  • Runaway, homeless, and street youth between the ages of 12-25
  • Youth seeking safety in San Diego County
  • Provide on-foot outreach and crisis assessment on the streets of North County San Diego. 
  • Offer snacks, hygiene kits, clothing and other necessities to youth on the streets.
  • Work with the youth to offer transportation to shelter and other supportive services. 
  • Advocate and assist youth through the process of getting off the street and finding a safe place.
For more information about this program, please visit their website here. OR contact: April Ortiz | | (760) 908-9647
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